MITZII - The Label

MITZII reflects modernity and tradition in one label.

The products by MITZII use traditional materials and techniques of different cultures which are then designed to an aesthetic modernity of the presence. A hallmark of each design is to combine different cultural influences such as textiles, special leathers, patterns, names into a whole new creation. Every piece is a careful selection of original & genuine, new & vintage materials, which follow ethical maxims. The attention to detail in each creation reflects in the choice of high-quality natural materials and resources.

The Designer's Story

Gerlinde Macho (born in Austria, 1976) studied Business Education in Vienna, where she set the foundation of a life as a successful businesswoman. After her studies, she started to work for large corporations in Vienna. In 1999, she co-founded a successful IT-company which is still active and growing.

"My passion has always been to work with exclusive materials & fabrics as well as design & traditional craftsmanship"

Following her passion, Gerlinde started visiting professional fashion design courses internationally at renowed instituitions. Nurturing her natural skills by working with experts in fashion and traditional leather craftsmanship, she began to develop her own style of handbags and accessories. 

The Genuine Craftsmanship

MITZII design stands for careful selection of materials and exclusive handcrafted products. The process of creation is a result of an enriching and enhancing teamwork between Gerlinde & Gitti. 

Gitti Kury is a highly skilled expert in fashion illustration and pattern making. She has been successfully involved in the international fashion industry for past three decades. Gitti's enormous expertise in her field is an enrichment to the quality and finishing of the MITZII products.

The design & development process is characterized by the successful partnership of Gerlinde & Gitti based on the love and passion for the work put into each creation.