exclusive hand-warmer & bag

each MUFF is unique in leather, fur and pocket lining.

outside: made of 100% deer leather
edge & handle: 100% fox fur
inside: 100% rabbit
pocket lining: 100% vintage kimono silk

THE MUFF, originating from the latin word "muffula" meaning "fur glove",  was initially mentioned in a book about venetian costumes at the end of the 16th century.

this high-fashion accessory is a must-have for your next winter-trip to the mountains.

only carefully chosen and genuine materials are used for this exclusive muff: the deer leather is from the last old-school tannery in Germany using only natural stains and dyes. this leather is normally used for the traditional Austrian costumes such as "lederhosen" and other accessories, but we created a new design and purpose. the furs are from ethical origin and are processed in a German furrier's workshop with a more than 200-year tradition. the colorful pocket lining is supplied directly from Japan from a well-known vintage kimono trader.

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THE-MUFF exclusive hand-warmer & bag
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